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Fellow Rotarians and Friends,
Our Committee's communications team produces informative routine reports on hurricane recovery activities within our district and neighboring islands. 
Click on the links below to download copies of these reports -
 Update#11  - Nov. 5, 2017
Update#10 - Oct. 28, 2017
Update#9   - Oct. 21, 2017
Update#8   - Oct. 14, 2017
Hurricane IRMA Recovery Committee Report
UPDATE #3 Sept 15, 2017 – 11 AM EST
Through the District 7020 Disaster Fund, We have deployed a 40 FT Container of Water and other supllies for St Thomas & St John; We are working on a 20 Ft Container for The BVI; A 20 ft Container for the St Maarten area (awaiting clearance to get into the Port). Additionally a 20 Ft container for the St. Barts and Anguilla area is being organized as well. Awaiting port approval.
50 Shelterboxes and tents have been packed in the UK and are awaiting transport to the BVIs.
500 Water-Survival Boxes allocated as follows: Tortola/Virgin Gorda,  BVI  - 180; St. Martin/St. Maarten - 200; St. Barths – 60; & Turks and Caicos – 60.
District 7000 is offering relief, support and assistance to those affected by hurricane Irma in the Lesser Antilles and the Virgin Islands and are reaching out to all Rotarians that are being brought to Puerto Rico to contact them if they need any help. Contact Laura E. Blizzard - District 7000 - Puerto Rico  Cell. (787) 409-8678  Email:
We now have Country Disaster Coordinators on the ground in our affected territories:
Hurricane Irma RecoveryResponse  Cordinator Team
Coordinator Name
Seymour Hodge
Jacquie Ruan
Telephone # [cell]
Whatsapp #
Email address
PDG Felix Stubbs
British VI
PP Lorna Smith
PAG Caleb Lucien
Claude Surena
St Bart's
Abigail Leese
St. Croix
Marcel Galiber
St. Thomas
AG Marston Winkles
St. John
Anna Paiewonsky
St Maarten
AG Marcellia Henry
/St Martin
PAG James Ferris
Louis Wever
Turks &
AG Karl Isaacs
Caicos Islands
Norma Goodridge
AG Marcellia Henry reports on St. Maarten, St. Martin, Saint Barthelemy & Anguilla
St. Maarten, St. Martin, Saint Barthelemy and Anguilla have been badly damaged by the winds and rain of Hurricane Irma. A large number of houses, buildings, ports and infrastructure were destroyed and severely damaged. To the date, the number of fatalities on the various islands are as:  St. Maarten (4), St. Martin/ Saint Barthelemy (11), and Anguilla (1).
Although it is a very difficult time on all of islands, since most districts are without electricity and running water, the clean-up process has commenced.  On St. Maarten, for example, to get water to the districts, GEBE, the island’s electricity and water company, uses one of its water trucks to deliver water to at least 5 to 6 different districts each day.  Families are only allowed to fill two or three buckets of water, and the water is only good for cleaning (bathing, washing).
Gasoline and Diesel are also scarce on the islands and many people have resorted to walking to get to their destinations, or if lucky, they get to hitch a ride/carpool with someone who still is mobile. Staying at home is another alternative which the enforcement of curfews on the islands has led to.  
With a number of supermarkets, department stores, pharmacies, and other businesses being looted by a number of persons on St. Maarten/St. Martin, food has also become limited.  The supermarkets that remained in tack, are slowly opening for business, but the number of people in need to food and basic necessities has created long lines, which requires patience and security to keep the peace.
The airport and harbors were also damaged on all the islands. With those ports of entrée damaged and being inaccessible, food, water and other essential materials/items have not been able to enter the islands. Thus, the populace has not been able to obtain these basic necessities (water, food…) needed desperately.  
These problematic situations listed above have resulted in a call for mass evacuation of persons from all the islands. With the airport on St. Maarten, for example, now being operational, although the building is still quite damage, a large number of persons have already left the island (over 1000) on military flights, American carriers (Jet Blue, Delta), PAWA, KLM and others.  With the harbor also being functional, over 2000 persons have also left the island via a cruise ship.
For those who remain on all the islands, the following will be needed:
1. Water
2. Food
3. Tarpaulin
4. Sanitary items
5. Cooking Gas/Gasoline/Diesel
6. Cleaning items
7. Building Materials and furniture
8. Clothing/shoes
9. Education materials/books
10. Play items for children (Board games/toys...)
Although the islands of St. Maarten, St. Martin, Saint Barthelemy and Anguilla were devastated by Hurricane Irma, the people who remain and have restarted the rebuilding process are hopeful, optimistic, and resilient. They like us, (Rotarians), will help to rebuild our islands, paradise, home into countries that we will once again be proud of.
UPDATE: Some supermarkets have started opening now. Water and other supplies are being distributed.
Rotarians report from the British Virgin Islands
PDG Felix’s message on Tuesday was: “Finally Rotary given authority to manage  distribution starting this afternoon” (Tuesday). We need 6 volunteers to go to the shelters   or speak to Shelter managers to assess no of persons in shelters and what they need and report to us by 2 pm.   We will also need volunteers to help with Distribution at 4pm. Exact time to be determined. Please indicate if you will be able to ASAP. Thanks.
Abby O’Neal reports on Virgin Gorda, BVI
Tortola is doing ok, we have a roof and a house full of folks who don't I was in Virgin Gorda yesterday who are totally cut off from communication but PE Vincent Wheatley (my brother in law) has the community organized like you would not believe. Five Resturant's servicing hot meals, central water distribution, they are even taking the generators from the fancy villas that got destroyed and rigging them up to have power for at least a few hours in various neighborhoods. It was very heartening to see. They are more coordinated than Tortola and a much smaller community but they would be ready to receive Shelter Box
United States Virgin Islands: St. John Island, which suffered the most severe damage. Accounts from victims have been posted in a video by the VI Consortium
A government housing estate on St. Thomas was badly damaged and residents send out pleas for help
In this video report.
AG Marston reports that ATM and Banks have now opened with tight security around ATM’s.
There is food the markets albeit limited and basic but things are starting to happen as best as possible.
Gasoline lines are huge but gas is available and now with banks open people will be able to start driving around for basic needs.
But still no electricity or Internet except in a few areas downtown which they have to prioritize to minimize crimes.
E-Club PE Brent Leerdam lives on St. Thomas and reports that he is well with no major damage to his property except a balcony taken out by projectiles and most of his fruit trees are down. However, four out of every five homes have severe or catastrophic damage. Sadly, a lineman was electrocuted on Tuesday bringing the known death total in St. Thomas to Brent has full access to move around due to a federal curfew pass which works well. The entire island impacted with no safe haven.
There is currently one local radio station on air WSTA (Am1340). FEMA is granting the station permission to crank up the transmission power of our transmitter to reach more areas. It is the only station on-air and ALL of government visits us daily to communicate with the public.
Brent would like to know of anyone who is missing from any Rotary Club so he can mobilize and find them. Please send information via WhatsApp to  1-203-832-9909  or 855-800-8784 (Toll Free)
As soon as is possible, the District Committee wants the clubs to start identifying projects. We are receiving information from international sources interested in Global Grants for the affected areas. Please send your requests/suggestions to PDG Haresh Ramchandani Tel/ WhatsApp: +1-876-382-5757
The fund will be managed by Rotary’s DNA-RAG Rotarian Action Group, a 501(c)3, #47-3860087 in cooperation with District 7020’s Disaster Relief Committee. 
To contribute please wire funds to:
Name of Account: Disaster Network of Assistance - Rotarian Action Group, Inc. dba “DNA-RAG”
Account #: 12 1682 8928
Swift Code: PNCCUS33
Physical address of Bank: PNC Bank, 9033 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, FL 33433
Contact: PDG Phil Lustig, Vice Chair, Tel: 1 561 212 6554  Email:
Ensure payee instructions entered for: “District 7020 Hurricane Irma Fund”

Hurricane IRMA Recovery Committee Report
Fellow Rotarians & Friends,
Since our last update, Recovery efforts are now in evidence in many of our territories. Help has come from local and international sources. See below (also attached is a CDEMA report) which summarizes what's happening so far:
Air and Sea Ports Open – some have limited traffic:
Various news agencies report the airport is open on Providenciales, Turks & Caicos
In Tortola, BVI DGE Delma and PDG Felix report: BVIDDM is not dealing with clearance centrally now. Airport Tower and Sea Port Authorities are back up so pilots/captains should radio in for instructions directly from the tower or BVI Customs as they normally would when approaching. PLEASE USE CAUTION as there will be increased traffic. Inform the authorities on what you are bringing and who you are taking out.
The Sea Port facility on Tortola opened yesterday for emergency supplies. For the time being all emergency supplies must be consigned to DDM. 
BVI Airports Authority contact: satellite phone #881651477456
Port Purcell (sea port) contact:  VHF 16
PDG Felix reports on TCI (From the Premier’s update): CDEMA Teams were dispatched to hardest areas today - Grand Turk and South Caicos. Travel for them, PAHO, DFID, UNDAC was facilitated by TCIG today into Grand Turk.
Fortis got more lights up in Providenciales today. Water is also up in some areas.
Provo Boating Club did it again. Today they transported relief for TCIG into North and Middle Caicos. The residents there are getting more cell coverage around the Island. Arrangements were also made to have them take into relief items to Grand Turk.
Evacuees from Salt Cay are eager to return and check on their properties. TCIG is organising to get the Ferry Services back up and running.
Tropical will bring in the first boat of relief items into Provo tonight and then onto Grand Turk tomorrow.
Heard from Chairman of Caricom today. A Caricom Team will visit.
St Lucia has agreed to take a few of our Prisoners.
Passenger operations have resumed for international and domestic flights. Operations are manual for now.
Held first Press conference today. Thank you to Shaun Malcolm who streamed live and who traveled today with Team TCIG to South Caicos and Grand Turk.
Grand Turks remain understandably frustrated with lack of communication. RTC is up and running. There will be a Town Hall Meeting in GT tomorrow at 11am.
Began visiting Resorts this evening. Will speak with owners and guests. Tourists began to leave today.
Lots of help is coming from Regional and International Countries and Bodies.
Armed Forces, Police and Rotarian Assistance:
The Governor’s Council has authorised the release of funds for emergency supplies and Disaster Chair Jacquie Heyliger reports that Rotarians on St. Croix worked diligently and obtained a 40ft trailer of water (1680 cases) to the dock. Unfortunately, with such short notice Tropical could not fit it onto the boat to St. Thomas. It will go on the next available shipping. They are uncertain what day but it will be this week. 
Regarding tarps, Home Depot is out and selling all to FEMA but we have contacted another vendor and awaiting availability and price. 
We can get items to BVI through STT and will see about getting a trailer of items on the vessel with the one at the port.
The BBC reports 50 police officers have been dispatched to the UK's overseas territories and 500 UK troops have been sent to Anguilla, Turks and Caicos, and British Virgin Islands .
The British Military have landed in Tortola bringing supplies and are assisting with the plan for the restoration of power and water. DGE Delma advises that with the reinforcement of Special Forces from Bermuda and Cayman as well as a 6pm to 9am curfew law and order is being restored.
The Metro News UK reports that the UK supply ship RFA Mounts Bay is now in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) after being pictured delivering aid to Anguilla.
The Source news reports Help is coming into St. John and St. Thomas at a fast-increasing pace and boats are starting to ferry the people stranded in shelters off to St. Croix and Puerto Rico.
Financial Support
Yesterday, your Council of Governors approved release of funds of USD$20,000 for water and supplies to be shipped to St. Thomas, and to St John, The BVI, TCI, St Maarten, Anguilla, and St Barts. Any and all contributions made will assist us even further to make a bigger impact in these areas.
This is only to start our relief process as a district so we continue to raise funds from other sources.  We need all Rotarians and Clubs to assist us going forward.
In addition to our own District 7020 Hurricane Irma Fund, PDG Diana and PP Roger White are on the ground in England and are liaising with RGBI headquarters staff who have been incredibly responsive and helpful. A UK tax-beneficial fund was re-opened immediately after the storm hit the Caribbean. Since then, more than £50,000 has been donated. The total is increasing by the day and the latest information can be found at Caribbean Hurricane Fund Appeal .
The UK Government have budgeted £32 million of which £28 million has already been spent. BBC also reported on Monday, Boris Johnson said further support would soon be made available on top of the £32 million already pledged.
Arrival of International Government Representatives
From The NetherlandsDutch King Willem-Alexander arrived in monster hurricane Irma-ravaged St. Maarten on Monday together with Kingdom Relations Minister Ronald Plasterk. 
From the UK, the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is to fly to the Caribbean and will visit the British Virgin Islands and Anguilla
From France, President Emmanuel Macron will travel to battered Sint Maarten/Saint Martin on Tuesday (today) with goods and reinforcements,"
From the USA, President Donald Trump will visit the U.S. Virgin Islands “within the next six or seven days,” Governor Kenneth Mapp said during a press conference at Government House late Monday. Mr. Mapp said he had a conversation with the president today, and Mr. Trump expressed his full support for the territory in providing disaster relief, following the calamitous state Hurricane Irma left St. Thomas and St. John.
Infrastructure and Services:
The BVI Platinum reports that banks are pushing to resume services and that the BVI will be receiving help from over 100 workers across the Caribbean, to help with restoring electricity, which was knocked out by Hurricane Irma
The St. Thomas Source reports: Areas that have received power include portions of Savan, Back Street, Garden Street, Longpath, Government Hill, Education Street, portions of the Oswald Harris Court and Paul M. Pearsons Garden housing communities, Charlotte Kimmelman Cancer Institute and Store Tvaer Gade

President-Elect Kim from Turks & Caicos reports:
Premier Sharlene Cartwright Robinson reports “The general public is advised that the utilities and communication companies continue to work to assess the extent of damages to their networks. Additional repair crews have begun to arrive and they are arranging visits to all islands as a matter of priority. 
FORTIS Crews have begun work along the Leeward Highway and has listed the following areas as priority; Five Cays, Blue Hills, Downtown, Kew Town, South Dock, Grace Bay and the Airport.
DIGICEL Teams along with helicopters has begun to arrive in the TCI and will make trips to other islands to assess the damages and to restore communications to their customers
FLOW has begun country wide assessment of damages to their network and are sending teams to the family islands to begin repairs for the restoration of services to its customers.
Provo water company will continue to provide periodic access to water supply in select communities. Blue Hills, Wheeland and the far end of Chalk Sound continue to face challenges with water supply due to extensive damages along the network in those areas.
This is a general public announcement. Persons should look out for specific information released by the respective utilities and communication companies for up to date information 
Please share this message with family and friend to keep all informed. We are committed to rebuild TCI together.
Rotaract District Leadership is forming a Team to assist Clubs with exchange of information relating to ways they can assist in the coming weeks. Rotaractors can reach out to their respective ADRRs or directly to DRRE Leah Lowe - with any area updates or questions.
Other Reports and Messages 
Mary Beth Arceneaux Dionne, former 7020 Rotarian writes from New Orleans:
WE WANT AND NEED TO HELP our beloved, devastated islands. Would you please consider how we might partner with Rotary in Louisiana, and Rotary in St. Thomas, to help there? I do know that District 6020 has been considered "international" for purposes of matching grant funding, so whatever funds can be raised can be multiplied. There is already a District 7020 disaster recovery fund set up, and there may also be ways to help on a more localized basis through club to club outreach. 
Please think about how we can do this, and know that Fern and I, and Spencer, are ready and willing to do whatever we can to help make an event, or series of events, happen.  I'm including Spencer, Marston, and others on this message too. THANK YOU SO MUCH.
Peggy Simmonds in St. Thomas reports. We need to set up some type of Rotary Emergency Supply distribution in St Thomas.  I called a meeting of my club via Radio Station WSTA for tomorrow (Monday 11th) at 1:30 downtown at the My Brother's Workshop Soup Kitchen on Back Street near the Dutch Reformed Church.   Do not know how to coordinate with   Other Rotarians. We have no generator so Rotary East President Tim Hall had helped me cutting trees, hot shower at his house up the street since has a generator but had little to none cell coverage with Sprint.  My first time on internet just now!!!  I have AT&T.
My cell is 787-691-3218. Peggy Simmonds, President Rotary Club of St Thomas II.  Many of our members including me have lost all or part of our roofs.  No roof Tarps that I can find.  Very limited food distribution (yesterday three 15 oz of water and 3 army rations MRE's).  Pretty bad food but we ate it!!!
Please advise How I should proceed via text
BVI Update 
from DGE Delma. Being from one of the affected areas I am heartened by the outpouring of love and support. I am more impressed than ever before by the power of Rotary and it's ability to quickly mobilize resources in times of need.
I did not imagine the BVI could look as it does now, as with Hugo, Marilyn and Louis damage in the BVI was minimal compared to our neighbours and nothing compared to Irma.
Cleanup has commenced in earnest by communities and by Government.
The main compound of the largest food supplier RTW is intact but at least 4 of our outer stores were looted, as were many businesses on Road Town. I think 2 other large grocery stores are intact. Hence, supplies of basic needs are short.
DDM is overwhelmed but seem unwilling to accept help from "civilians" as we are referred to. Plan to seriously lobby Premier and Governor for immediate change here. 
Communication is still very problematic. Thank God for Digicel.
Please convey the love of BVI to neighbours in the other affected areas.
We will all get through this and are grateful for all the help and support.
SXM/Anguilla/ St Barts: We are awaiting a more detailed summary of these areas. 
Our Irma Recovery fund will be managed by Rotary’s DNA-RAG Rotarian Action Group, a 501(c)3, in cooperation with District 7020’s Disaster Recovery Committee.
To contribute please wire funds to:
Name of Account:  Disaster Network of Assistance - Rotarian Action Group, Inc. dba “DNA-RAG”
Account #: 12 1682 8928
Swift Code: PNCCUS33
Physical address of Bank:  PNC Bank, 9033 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, FL  33433
Contact: PDG Phil Lustig, Vice Chair, Tel: 1 561 212 6554   Email:
Ensure payee instructions entered for: “District 7020 Hurricane Irma Fund”
For further information on District 7020’s Hurricane Irma Recovery contact:
District 7020 Hurricane Irma Recovery Chair - PDG Jeremy Hurst
District 7020 Hurricane Irma Recovery Vice Chair – PDG Paul Brown
Email: Tel: +1 876 301 3848
District 7020 Disaster Chair: Rtn. Jacqueline Heyliger

Hurricane IRMA Recovery Committee Report
UPDATE #1 Sept 10, 2017 – 10 AM EST
Dear Fellow Rotarians and Friends,
This Special Committee has identified the contacts on the ground who will be the liaison between District 7020 and the different organisations and Rotary Clubs who want to give immediate help.
This report has been put together thanks to some Rotarians on the ground who could communicate with us. Partial assessment of the urgent needs in the different islands has been received. 
We are doing our best in District 7020 to be in contact with Shelterbox and Aquabox to see how we can respond as fast as possible.
I thank all those who have already responded by sending their contributions to the account set up for Hurricane Irma Relief that will allow us to help more of those affected by this terrible disaster.
DG Robert Leger
Our Territories report as follows:
HAITI: Reports from Haiti Libre of flooding in many areas across the entire country. (Saturday, September 9). Thousands are in shelters:
Northwest: 1,553 people in 11 open shelters;
Grand-Anse: 529 people in 6 shelters (Chambellan and Beaumont);
Northeast: 6,290 people in 14 shelters;
Artibonite: 169 in 4 shelters;
Center: 550 people in 13 shelters; North: 994 people in 11 shelters.
Cuba sends hundreds of doctors to Caribbean islands devastated by hurricane.
More than 750 health workers arrive in Antigua, Barbuda, Saint Kitts, Nevis, Saint Lucia, the Bahamas, Dominica and Haiti
BVI: Report from DGE Delma Maduro (Saturday September 9):
Extreme damage to all of the islands of the BVI. Very little communication coming through. There are talks of looting as well.Most houses have lost their roofs and or doors/windows including many Rotary family members, the infrastructure in particular electricity, telecommunications, roads and schools been damaged, so BVI is in need of external help. No radio station is in operation yet
The main roads are cleared but many persons are still blocked in from all the debris. There is a “Chat” for Rotary Family members trying to get word on everyone. Although not confirmed, all members are believed to be ok.

For the time being all emergency supplies coming into the Territory are to flow through the Government's Department of Disaster Management
Past President Lorna and wife of our Premier has agreed to be the Rotary BVI Coordinator on the ground for the Rotary relief effort. Her telephone numbers are 284 542 1921 or 284 346 6787.  Whatsapp seems to work better than telephone calls.
Report from Rtn Abby O’neal: PP Ryan Geluk is coordinating for Rotary at the NEOC (National Emergency Operation Centre). We seem to be the main man power at a new shelter opening in Road Town today at the multipurpose complex; quite large. Rotarian Jadid Khan is in UK and trying to coordinate Rotary relief from there. Also we have 250 British commandos arriving to provide security for aid relief.
SINT MAARTEN AREA: Report form PAG Rebecca Low & other Rotarians.
St Martin/Maarten, Anguilla, St Barts: All the areas are very badly affected. They’ve suffered heavy damage. A lot of Looting. The area need lots of help. Curfew is now in place there. Water and Food have arrived, and a sense of normalcy seems to be arriving, slowly.
The Dutch Marines have been able to dock a ship and get flights in from Curacao so more troops and supplies are on the ground in Sint Maarten.
The Dutch Marines are in control of the airport and any airline, charity organization or airline who wishes to send an aircraft with supplies, relief teams, etc. should contact the Headquarters of the Dutch Naval Operations based in Curacao at + 599 946 37465.
Cruise lines are sending ships to help. They've received Dutch Military supplies, and commercial airlift should start on Wednesday 13thSeptember
Provo: Report from AG Karl Isaac: Saturday 9 September 2017 at 3.48p
Communication systems in the country are unreliable. The Isaacs are okay and so is most of the population of Providenciales.  No contact or reports from Caicos islands (North, Middle, South), or Salt Cay.  There has been no reported loss of life but the islands are cut off from each other.
Grand Turk: Much Structural damage to homes and business. State of emergency has been declared for Grand Turk.
Report from PDG Felix Stubbs:
There is much structural damage to homes, businesses and Government buildings in Grand Turk. Communications has been seriously impacted. A state of emergency has been declared for that island. There is also structural damage to buildings in Salt Cay and South Caicos.
Boats with supplies will begin traveling to the islands beginning today. Food supplies, electricity and communications remain the top priority.

St Croix: Report from PDG Rupert Ross.
We on St. Croix fared fairly well. Except for loss of electricity and broken tree limbs, we are safe and dry.
St. John: Report from PP Anna Paiewonsky.
St. John suffered the most damage of all three major islands. The ferry service between St. Thomas and St. John has resumed. Significant damage throughout the island. Caneel Bay Hotel suffered major damage and likely to be closed for at least 8 months. The Westin Hotel suffered some damage the Myra Keating Clinic -the major medical facility on the island - suffered structural damage, Julius Sprauve Elementary School was destroyed and Gift Hill School suffered significant damage. Many homes destroyed. Kenny Chesney is preparing to get there to start repairs. He may be a good source for a concerted relief effort.
St. Thomas: Various sources report:
Generally severe damage resulted in 4 fatalities, no power and all schools damaged. Hospital badly damaged, patients airlifted to St. Croix and other locations. Cancer centre badly damaged (lost 3rd and 4th floors), none or very limited radiation or dialysis services available. 2 police stations and 2 fire stations damaged. Ritz Carlton sustained severe damage, Government House lost its roof. Both shelters that were housing evacuees were destroyed. Reports of other hotels are below. Cruise ship due to arrive in St. Thomas on Monday, September 11th to rescue up to 2,000 stranded tourists. Three navy ships are reported to be in port and a hospital ship believed to be on its way. National Guard, FEMA and Red Cross are on the ground. Downtown still a restricted area.
Report from AG Marston:
St John and St Thomas are devastated.  Marston used the words "wiped out". People are wondering around. 
Not enough food. Gasoline supplies low but available through military supplies. The military is already there. There are looting and house breakings taking place. A Mandatory curfew is in effect.
No telecommunications, or power except for one tower... needed to drive to mountain top to get a very sketchy signal. A lot of people trying to leave but airport is till close except for mission planes.
The Bahamas: Report from PDG Felix Stubbs
In the Southern Bahamas there is road obstructions from fallen trees, poles, etc. Minor damage to Government and school buildings as well as some roof damage to private buildings.
No assessment have been made in the Northern Bahamas as yet but the island of New Providence fared very well. It is anticipated that the islands of Andros and Bimini may have suffered the most damage. Assessment teams will travel to all the islands beginning tomorrow.
Our Irma Recovery fund will be managed by Rotary’s DNA-RAG Rotarian Action Group, a 501(c)3, in cooperation with District 7020’s Disaster Recovery Committee.
To contribute please wire funds to:
Name of Account:  Disaster Network of Assistance - Rotarian Action Group, Inc. dba “DNA-RAG”
Account #: 12 1682 8928
Swift Code: PNCCUS33
Physical address of Bank:  PNC Bank, 9033 Glades Rd, Boca Raton, FL  33433
Contact: PDG Phil Lustig, Vice Chair, Tel: 1 561 212 6554   Email:
Ensure payee instructions entered for: “District 7020 Hurricane Irma Fund”
The District Committee is working hard to put a structure in place to facilitate the recovery of the countries and territories in which our Rotary Clubs are based. We have tremendous, vibrant clubs in all each these areas and whilst they, their members and their families have suffered a tremendous blow, I have no doubt they will rise to the challenge in rebuilding their communities, supported by their District the Rotary World as a whole.
Whilst Rotary typically focuses on long term sustainable projects, we are not forgetting the immediate needs of those who have been affected by the devastation of Irma. In this regard, we are working closely with partners such as Disaster Aid USA, Shelter Box and Aqua Box to deliver immediate relief to those areas in most dire need. We will continue to provide regular updates and our members and their communities should know that their District and the Rotary World stand side by side with them at this most challenging of times.
From a longer-term perspective, donations are starting to flood in from across the World and we are already creating the structure to deliver recovery solutions to the areas affected alongside our valiant members on the ground – PDG Jeremy Hurst – Hurricane Irma Recovery Chair
For further information on District 7020’s Hurricane Irma Recovery contact:
District 7020 Hurricane Irma Recovery Chair - PDG Jeremy Hurst
District 7020 Hurricane Irma Recovery Vice Chair – PDG Paul Brown
Email: Tel: +1 876 301 3848
District 7020 Disaster Chair: Rtn. Jacqueline Heyliger