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My Health, My Life, Stop Diabetes Now!
More information to follow!
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District Governor Delma Maduro  and
Rotary International President Mark Maloney
2019 - 2020



Please join us in congratulating the Rotaract Club of Port-au-Prince Champ de Mars for their winning entry to the Rotary eClub of the Caribbean's R.O.A.R Competition! 
If you missed what R.O.A.R. is about, it means Rotaract Orators Addressing Rotary. It is an oratory competition designed to support and encourage Rotaractors in public speaking. This year's competition asked Rotaractors to discuss how they would approach a critical issue that affects one of the target groups from the Rotaract District Project - T.E.A.M. (teens, elderly, adults (young) and mothers).
Congratulations to Port-au-Prince Champ de Mars!

Donor Conference in Bahamas

Hosted by The Government of the Bahamas and the UNDP was a success.  Some information that came from the conference is as follows:

  • 1.7 million metric tons of debris need to be dealt with

  • 29,472 persons were affected

  • Of the $3.4 billion in damages, 87% was in Abaco and 13% in Grand Bahama and 91% affected the private sector while 9% in the public sector

  • Major problem was not with the building code but with low lying buildings and non-compliance with the building code

  • The country lost 18% of the GDP due to Hurricane Dorian

  • Still 70 confirmed dead but hundreds still missing

  • Priority list of projects is drafted and should be released soon

  • They have spent $4.5 million on dome houses to get residents a temporary place to stay.  Still months from being finished.

  • They need $26 million for the schools

  • While they said the building code is fine, they also said they are working on the next edition of the building code

  • The code says you have to build 18 inches above the known flood level.  However, the known flood level has now changed and is higher than it was

  • Many organizations (I counted 26) stood up, out of the 300 to 400 people in the room, and pledged support in cash and in-kind as well as services.  The P3 group pledged almost 1 billion

  • Estimated pledges to be between $1.5 and $2.0 billion

  • PRIP Barry Rassin was in attendance and was able to tell the crowd about Rotary and what Rotarians have already done and plan to do going forward.

Items before the Hurricane Recovery Committee

The committee needs to review the following and approve if in support.  Some we have already discussed, and some is new:

  • Schools are still our priority.  We should have the list of schools with who is doing what by the end of the month.  We could then take on one or more schools than are not yet committed.  Maybe one at a time?

  • We have agreed with the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce to partner on a program to help small business.  No details as yet but we need to meet with them again and develop this.

  • The water plant from H2O and Rotary should be there in two weeks.

  • We had approved the two TAC (Technical Assistance Centers) units (one for each island).  We have reached out to Florida but got no takers on helping us with two similar RV’s for this purpose.  We should proceed with the purchase.

  • MSC has donated and is sending 38 20-foot containers of tiles.  They will send to Freeport, but the Grand Bahama team will determine how much they need.  Any they don’t need could be sent to Abaco.

  • In meeting with the Salvation Army, we are developing a plan to build an NGO building in Abaco.  This would be used for a number on NGO’s to have an office as well as to have a space for storage of emergency supplies and a space for a shelter.  It would be ideal as the emergency control center. The Minister for Recover, etc. has agreed with the concept and is working to find us land for the purpose.  I am meeting again with the Salvation Army this week to confirm their commitment, but they are sure they want to have a permanent presence there.  We could get some other partners to work with us so it becomes a true partnership of those who live in this sector. 

  • Two Volunteer weeks.  UNDP is helping us coordinate these two weeks.  They have suggested we take on the cultural parks in Abaco as these have not been handled by any other group.  They are putting all the details together as to what they need and will provide us with a detailed list.  I suggest we purchase the materials and let the volunteers rebuild the parks as Rotary parks.

    • UNDP is working on the logistics.  They may find us houses to rent which we can set up as dorms, maybe three or four house we would rent for the two weeks.  The benefit over tents is that they have bathrooms and showers

    • They are also working on getting some local females to cook for us

    • Rotary will send information out to the Rotary world to get the volunteers and help organize the flight into The Bahamas

    • We will need to approve this expenditure for rental property, food and supplies

Ways to Contribute


For Wire Transfer directly to the islands go to Bahamas Rotary Disaster Committee  

Important Note: please be sure to advise in advance, the following details of funds being remitted to the Bahamas:

For crypto currency donations sent weekly directly to the Bahamas, payment may be made online at Delchain Limited


To qualify for Gift Aid, donate to Rotary’s Disaster Recovery Trust for Caribbean Hurricane Dorian


For a 501c3 US Tax Exempt donation use any of the following

PayPal D7020 through Disaster Network Assistance

PayPal D6990 through District 6990 in Florida

GoFundMe for Rotary 7020 Dorian Relief


Rotary District 7680 DAF No. 574  at Rotary International (check, credit card, wire, stock transfer options)

Important Note: When donating via RI to this DAF, please ensure you indicate the

DAF number 574 and that the funds are directed to The Bahamas

District Governor Delma Maduro's Message for January

January 2020 Message
District Governor Delma Maduro
Vocational Service Rotary RAGS and Fellowships

The ideal of service is at the Core of Rotary and as Rotarians we should consider ourselves fortunate to be linked with a diverse group of some 1.2 million Rotarians and hundreds of thousands of Rotaractors in 134 countries around the world. This brings with it invaluable diversity through our cultural differences, languages, and very importantly our vocations, as well as great strength and the ability/capability to undertake the many challenges and needs within our community. And very importantly the ability to make major life changing connections. 
As we reflect on Vocational Service Month we are reminded that the object of Rotary is to encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise and in particular.
Firstly as the development of acquaintance as an opportunity for service. The networking potential is astounding as Rotarians have the opportunity to create relationships with many business, professional and community leaders and quite honestly this is one of the reasons why persons are drawn to Rotary.
Secondly High Ethical Standards in business and profession; the recognition of the worthiness of all useful occupations; and the dignifying of each Rotarian’s occupation as  an opportunity to serve society
We know that maintaining high Ethical standards is another core value of Rotary. We cannot compromise on this. We have seen overtime in our own communities, in our district and globally that we are able to mobilize resources for small and large projects all because Rotary is known for integrity.  Integrity is strictly linked to our vocation as without that our successes in business and as Rotarians can be marginalized, We must remain vigilant and guard our personal and professional integrity as well as that of Rotary and encourage others to do likewise.
The importance of diversity of vocation in our clubs is also significant. Sometime clubs may deviate from this very instructive guiding principle but I encourage you to review your needs from time to time and as this can add value and strengthen our collective ability to effectively carry out your community service and make a difference in our communities. Also, very importantly please reflect on how we are honoring the various vocations of our Fellow Rotarians and Rotaractors, Also this is a good time to reflect on the mentorship programmes in place to help change the course of a young person’s life.
In his January 2020 Message President Mark Maloney reminds us that, “Throughout the world, Rotary is admired for its vocational service and for the time-honored values we instill in all business relationships. As we continue our work to grow Rotary, let us remember that vocational service remains a crucial selling point to potential members.
Let us also remember that we can use our vocation to enhance our Rotary experience well beyond our Club and our District by joining a Rotary Action Group a Rotary Fellowship. These RAGS offer a wide range of topics such as economic development, environment, health, water and sanitation and the list goes one join today and share your expertise and change lives.
We have the Rotary Fellowships which is a wonderful way to connect with other who share the same passion in a mired of Fellowships. Simply connect on Rotary.org.
Let us use our vocation to connect the world and to serve humanity, secure our future.
========================French translation=====================
Service professionnel Rotary RAGS et bourses
L’idéal de service est au cœur du Rotary et, en tant que Rotariens, nous devrions nous considérer chanceux d’être liés à un groupe diversifié d’environ 1,2 million de Rotariens et de centaines de milliers de Rotaraciens dans 134 pays à travers le monde. Cela nous apporte une diversité inestimable grâce à nos différences culturelles, nos langues et, très important, nos vocations, ainsi qu'une grande force et la capacité d'entreprendre les nombreux défis et besoins de notre communauté. Et très important, la capacité de faire des connexions importantes qui changent la vie. 
 En réfléchissant au Mois du service professionnel, nous nous souvenons que l'objectif du Rotary est d'encourager et de promouvoir l'idéal du service en tant que base d'une entreprise digne de ce nom, et en particulier.
Premièrement, le développement de la connaissance en tant qu'opportunité de service. Le potentiel de réseautage est étonnant, car les Rotariens ont la possibilité de nouer des relations avec de nombreux chefs d'entreprise, professionnels et communautaires, et c'est en toute honnêteté l'une des raisons pour lesquelles les Rotariens sont attirés par le Rotary.
Deuxièmement, des normes éthiques élevées en matière d'affaires et de profession; la reconnaissance de la qualité de toutes les professions utiles; et la reconnaissance de l’occupation de chaque Rotarien comme une opportunité de servir la société.
Nous savons que le maintien de normes éthiques élevées est une autre valeur essentielle du Rotary. Nous ne pouvons pas faire de compromis à ce sujet. Nous avons vu des heures supplémentaires dans nos propres communautés, dans notre district et dans le monde entier que nous sommes en mesure de mobiliser des ressources pour des projets de petite et de grande envergure, tout cela parce que le Rotary est connu pour son intégrité. L’intégrité est étroitement liée à notre vocation, car sans cela nos succès dans les affaires et comme les Rotariens peuvent être marginalisés, nous devons rester vigilants et préserver notre intégrité personnelle et professionnelle ainsi que celle du Rotary et encourager les autres à faire de même.
L'importance de la diversité de la vocation dans nos clubs est également importante. Parfois, les clubs peuvent s'écarter de ce principe très instructif, mais je vous encourage à revoir vos besoins de temps à autre et, dans la mesure où cela peut ajouter de la valeur et renforcer notre capacité collective à exécuter efficacement votre service communautaire et à faire une différence dans nos collectivités. De plus, il est très important de réfléchir à la manière dont nous honorons les différentes vocations de nos collègues Rotariens et Rotaraciens. C’est aussi un bon moment pour réfléchir aux programmes de mentorat mis en place pour aider à changer le cours de la vie d’un jeune.
Dans son message de janvier 2020, le président Mark Maloney nous rappelle que, "Dans le monde entier, le Rotary est admiré pour son service professionnel et pour les valeurs que nous inculquons dans toutes les relations d’affaires. Alors que nous poursuivons notre action en faveur de la croissance du Rotary, rappelons-nous que le service professionnel reste un point de vente crucial pour les membres potentiels.
N'oublions pas que nous pouvons nous servir de notre vocation pour améliorer notre expérience au-delà de notre Club et de notre District en rejoignant un Groupe d'action du Rotary en tant que Bourse du Rotary. Ces RAGS offrent un large éventail de sujets tels que le développement économique, l'environnement, la santé, l'eau et l'assainissement et la liste va rejoindre aujourd'hui et partager votre expertise et changer des vies.
Nous avons les Bourses du Rotary, qui sont une façon merveilleuse de connecter avec d'autres personnes qui partagent la même passion dans un bourbier de Bourses. Connectez-vous simplement le site Rotary.org.
Utilisons notre vocation pour connecter le monde et servir l'humanité, assurer notre avenir.

A New and Exciting Opportunity for Interactors

Will you join us?

Will you help Interactors learn new skills and spread “Kindness”? 

We are exciting to launch our newest project PICS - Promoting Interact Creative Skills. PICS gives Interactors an opportunity to explore the world of photography and to win prizes. We hope you’ll consider partnering with us by encouraging your local interactors to participate!

 Interactors can

- Submit photographs illustrating Kindness

- Win cash and participate in a humanitarian service project

- Enjoy seeing their photos displayed on the web and social media, as well as at the 7020 DIstrict Conference



Une nouvelle opportunité passionnante pour les Interactors!

Voulez-vous aider les Interacteurs à cultiver de nouvelles compétences et à pandre la gentillesse? 

Vous trouverez votre invitation en pièce jointe

 Nous sommes heureux de lancer notre nouveau projet PICS - Stimuler des compétences créatives d'InteracteursPICS donne aux utilisateurs une opportunité d’experimenter la photographie et de gagner des prix. Nous comptons sur votre participation en encourageant vos Interacteurs à participer!

 Les acteurs peuvent

- Soumettre des photographies illustrant Gentillesse

- Gagnez de l'argent et participez à un projet de service humanitaire

- Profitez de voir leurs photos affichées sur le Web et les médias sociaux, ainsi que lors de la conférence 7020 District




A collaboration between Rotary, Pure H2O and Critical Path Foundation, of approximately USD$110,000 portable Reverse Osmosis system is being constructed for deployment in Abaco initially but wherever required in future disasters. It is a sea water RO system housed in a 20ft specially outfitted container with a generator, holding tanks and pumps.
The Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas have established partnerships to begin planning projects with:
  • Lyford Cay Foundation
  • Bahamas Striping Group of Companies
  • IDEA Organization
  • United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines sent Relief supplies for distribution.

The Rotary Clubs have started distribution to where needed.

Rotary District 6960 supplies another container to Abaco

Shipment includes $60,000 of generators (60), saws, drills and other construction tools plus an additional 12 pallets of food and water. Thank you to Sunshine Ace Hardware for their “less than wholesale prices” and The Rotary Club of Naples
Supplies & Toiletries have arrived and are being sorted and distributed to evacuees in Eleuthera. The Rotary Clubs of Nassau and New Providence sorted and readied the shipments sent to the Rotary Club of Eleuthera as follows:
  • 26 pallets (across two shipments) to Governors Harbour.
  • 12 pallets to Rock Sound.
The Rotary Clubs of St Croix Donated over USD$25,500 for Dorian Relief
The Rotary Clubs in St Croix, USVI came together to help in the recovery efforts after Hurricane Dorian.

Portable Solar Systems help families 

30 Portable Solar Systems from Mr. Marc Lapata (CEO of Azimuth Energy LLC, and Mr. Godfrey Thomas (Founder of Bahamas Energy and Solar Supplies - BESS). Mrs. Yvette Ferguson (Executive Sales Representative) facilitated the donation at Nassau Agencies Ltd.  
(Pictured L-R: Rotarian Stephen Dean, Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Ferguson, Rotarian Ken Strachan.)

Report on This Week’s Progress in The Bahamas

In our continued effort to support and provide assistance to those affected, we have worked recently to:
  • Continue the operation of the Rotary Water Plant in Grand Bahama including:
    • Daily pumping for distribution across the island to residents, schools, medical facilities, and businesses. The plant is now approaching 230,000 gallons pumped!
    • Working to install an additional water pumping system to increase pumping capacity.
    • Facilitating 24 Hour Access to site.
    • Receiving a donated 4WD Truck from the Rotary Club Perine-Cutler Ridge/Palmetto Bay to deliver water and supplies across the island.

Update from Grand Bahama Island

More Tents are needed. People in the east (of GBI) don't want to leave their land and will live in a tent until rebuilt. 61 Tents have been setup so far. 
Inflatable air mattresses needed as people refuse to throw out their moldy mattresses and bring them into the tents to sleep on.

Water Plant

The Rotary Club of Cutler Ridge/Palmetto Bay have donated a 2018 Toyota Hilux 4 wheel drive for water plant operations. Once we can coordinate with the club and others we will have a "Just over 200,000 gallons pumped" celebration.
The new system arrives this weekend or early next week.  Waugh Construction has been contracted to plumb the well into the plant as well as the electrical work. Once they are done the tech from Watermakers Inc. will come over and hook up the machine with some of the Water Plant operators assisting as a learning exercise.
The second machine will take us to 15,000 GPD.
The plant is open 24/7 self service walk up to outside fill stations.

Food and clothing distribution

We are using the YMCA gymnasium as a sort and distribution center for food, water, clothing, baby everything and health and hygiene items. It is open 7 days a week. Mercy Corp has a water point bladder set up there as well.


Three days after the storm a small group of us went into the settlement of Seagrape in 8 Mile Rock which had no effects from the storm.
We rounded up 20 young men and put them to work cleaning up. From there they went onto tarping roofs and in some cases fixing them. We then moved them onto mucking out houses and cutting out sheetrock.
All of us took a mold remediation course and we equipped the Team with the proper personal protection equipment and teamed with a local contractor they went to work treating homes and businesses.  
When the moisture levels are acceptable they will learn how to install sheet rock up to the primer coat, again supervised by a licensed contractor.  They work six and half days a week and are paid $650
What we have accomplished here is we have taken at risk youths and are giving them not only a salary but a trade. They are doing great work and they really feel proud to be part of the recovery process.

Rotary Club House

Land was applied for and granted to the water plant with the intention of building a Rotary Club House where the clubs can meet and also function as a feeding center in times of need. A third RO system may be installed in the facility.  More on funding and Global Grant possibilities to follow.

Ways to Contribute

For Wire Transfer directly to the islands go to Bahamas Rotary Disaster Committee  
Important Note: please be sure to advise in advance, the following details of funds being remitted to the Bahamas:
For crypto currency donations sent weekly directly to the Bahamas, payment may be made online at Delchain Limited
To qualify for Gift Aid, donate to Rotary’s Disaster Recovery Trust for Caribbean Hurricane Dorian
For a 501c3 US Tax Exempt donation use any of the following
PayPal D7020 through Disaster Network Assistance
PayPal D6990 through District 6990 in Florida
GoFundMe for Rotary 7020 Dorian Relief
Rotary District 7680 DAF No. 574  at Rotary International (check, credit card, wire, stock transfer options)
Important Note: When donating via RI to this DAF, please ensure you indicate the
DAF number 574 and that the funds are directed to The Bahamas

Health Rocks @7020

District 7020 Champions for Change welcomes you to the launch of our Diabetes Prevention and Awareness Program for a Healthy Lifestyle.

Program: My Health, My Life, Stop Diabetes Now!

Program Objective:

The program aim is to become a sustainable resource for all participants working towards becoming healthier individuals.  By increasing awareness of wellness concerns (education) supporting health management (personal change) and setting goals (self-help), individuals can create the perfect formula for successful results.  This Healthy Life-Style program offers District 7020 Rotarians the opportunity to empower themselves, along with their communities and to leverage the knowledge and resources available to optimize their total well-being.

The Program is designed to:

●Heighten educational awareness opportunities
●Provide exposure to self-help tools
●Facilitate access to resources available in this program. 
District 7020 stewardship of its wellness journey begins with the launch of It’s My Life, My Health, Stop Diabetes Now!   In taking this first step together, we are on our way, not only to reducing chronic diseases, but also to improving the quality of life for our families and the communities in which we live. Making a lasting impact will be the focus for change to benefit generations to come!
October is Economic and Community Development Month in the Rotary World, so what better time to launch, as a major focus for this program is to promote community wellness and ultimately regional wellness.      
Follow us on social media, get program updates on our District website and Blog with us as we journey together to a healthier lifestyle!
Calling all Earlyactors, Interactors, and Rotaractors. Are you a creative song writer? Because we need a jingle for this Program.  Help us connect Rotary, District 7020 and the world with your song.   See rules for the Jingle Contest on District 7020 website below.