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Donate to our GoFundMe page through the Disaster Network of Assistance Rotary Action Group. The Disaster Network of Assistance is a Rotary International US registered 501c3 US tax-exempt charity. Your donation will go directly to the District 7020 Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Fund. You will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.
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Donate to The Bahamas Hurricane Recovery via Credit Card/ PayPal through the Disaster Network of Assistance Rotary Action Group. The Disaster Network of Assistance is a Rotary International US registered 501c3 US tax-exempt charity. All donations are tax-deductible. Your donation will go directly to the District 7020 Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Fund. You will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.
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2020 P.E.T.S
Incoming Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers & District Committee Members
Announcing the start of the
2020 Online P.E.T.S
Districts 7020
P.E.T.S serves to educate and train incoming club officers and directors
in Leadership and Service for the new 2020-2021 Rotary Year
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District Governor Charles Sealy and
Rotary International President Holger Knaack
2020 - 2021

Fellow Rotarians,
We find  ourselves at another moment where our collective response is required to assist our brothers and sisters in need. The dire situation caused by the La Soufrière Volcanic eruption in St. Vincent and the Grenadines has devastated that community and impacted other countries nearby. 
As a District, we have been in communication with the District Governor 7030 and other district leaders of 7030 to confirm our best means of support. While they have identified a number of supplies that they need, they have confirmed a preference for financial support so that they may best control resources required and appropriate dissemination. Past District Governor  David Edwards is the District Response chair for District 7030. We are coordinating information through him and will send updates as he provides.
Our District, by way of the Council of Governors have approved an immediate release of $10,000.00 to District 7030. We know that the need is significant and ongoing. We wish to advise ofthe following methods to submit financial support; namely through DNA RAG (A donate button has been added (see above) and to District 7030 at
Your prayers, thoughts and support are solicited.
Yours in Rotary,
Charles Sealy
District Governor
Rotary International District 7020

Health Rocks @7020

District 7020 Health & Wellness
Vision: Healthy Caribbean communities free of Type 2 Diabetes and other chronic diseases
Mission: Promote diabetes awareness/prevention/management with emphasis on child obesity
●Heighten education and awareness opportunities
●Provide access to self-help tools
●Promote available program resources
Program Objective
The program aim is to be a sustainable resource for all participants working towards becoming healthier individuals.  By increasing awareness of wellness concerns (education) supporting health management (personal change) and setting goals (self-help), individuals can create the perfect formula for achieving results.  A Healthy Lifestyle option offers the opportunity to empower Rotarians and communities to embrace the knowledge and resources available to optimize their total well-being.
To ensure that the 3C’s—Collaboration, Consistency and Communication work hand-in-hand for maximum program impact and success
  1. 7020 Health & Wellness Program will work closely with industry partners, government entities, NGO’s, and local communities to curb the increase in Type 2 Diabetes diagnoses.
  2. 7020 Health & Wellness Program will focus on 3 main areas:  Education/Awareness, Child Obesity, and Lifestyle Changes
  3. 7020 Health & Wellness Program will promote education/awareness to empower communities to take charge of their family health, by leading a healthy lifestyle
Program Design
The program design looks at the following Healthy Lifestyles Dimensions:
1. Nutrition   2. Exercise   3. Mental Attitudes 4. Self-Care 5.  Relationships and
6. Resources/Support and uses this framework to affect the education/awareness, personal change, and self-help necessary for achieving our desired results.
Learn more by downloading the materials on our website
Rotary District 7020 Governor 
Charles Sealy II 
Rotary Clubs of District 7020
My wife, Rochelle, and I are excited to journey with you this year on what will be a wave of change. This is a special time when in the face of uncertainty and concern, you have been chosen and charged to bring hope and help.  As we conduct the changing of the Guard ceremony, I would like to offer the following.                           
Let me recognize the leaders and members of the current year for your steadfastness and commitment to service. This was a good year in 7020, and it is because of you. In the face of a major unplanned situation, you were able to adapt and persevere; that is to be commended. It is upon your efforts that the new leadership team will launch. They will need you to undergird and encourage them. Know that they may seek to do things differently and that change, though unsettling, may have a positive return.
To the incoming Presidents and boards, I would like to congratulate you and invite you to fasten your seatbelt for what will be a fantastic ride. I will not claim that it will be easy, but it will be worth it. Our Rotary International President for 2020 – 2021, Holger Knaack, has directed you on elements of importance. They remain:
  1. to create new innovative clubs, 
  2. host a strategic planning session, 
  3. select members that are a good fit for Rotary and for your clubs, and 
  4. commit to our continued efforts and emphasis on END POLIO NOW.
As your District Governor, I will collaborate and support you to ensure that we meaningfully institute the changes necessary to help your clubs grow and to retain existing members. This growth, initially, is in the experience of each member in the club. We do not want to leave one member behind during this pandemic experience. Additionally, we want our members to be enthused about the Rotary experience. We will strengthen our efforts through partnerships at multiple levels and will focus our attention on health and the environment.
This is a special time for you, and I have the great confidence in the Assistant Governor that is assigned to your club who will be your immediate point of contact and support as you navigate this year. Please seek to involve them and solicit their advice as necessary. My heartfelt thanks are extended to your families who allow each of you to live out your passion of service. They are welcomed to accompany us on the opportunities to serve.
I extend congratulations to you on this your changeover ceremony and eagerly await the opportunity to engage you directly.