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Donate to our GoFundMe page through the Disaster Network of Assistance Rotary Action Group. The Disaster Network of Assistance is a Rotary International US registered 501c3 US tax-exempt charity. Your donation will go directly to the District 7020 Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Fund. You will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.
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Donate to The Bahamas Hurricane Recovery via Credit Card/ PayPal through the Disaster Network of Assistance Rotary Action Group. The Disaster Network of Assistance is a Rotary International US registered 501c3 US tax-exempt charity. All donations are tax-deductible. Your donation will go directly to the District 7020 Hurricane Dorian Disaster Relief Fund. You will receive a donation receipt for tax purposes.
UPDATE: Paper Registration is now open! In future, a link to register with more information on the 2019 - 2020 District 7020 PETS Training and Conference & Assembly in Tortola, BVI will be made available.
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District Governor Delma Maduro  and
Rotary International President Mark Maloney
2019 - 2020

Past President Barry Makes Personal Appeal
Update From Our Team in Nassau
Thank you, Rotary Family, for your dedication to supporting our islands and residents affected by Hurricane Dorian! We have seen individual efforts from Clubs that include:

Rotary Club of East Nassau:

Hosting an Uncle Lou’s Ice Cream Treat at The Ranfurly Home for Children
  • Raising $301,097 for the Bahamas Disaster Relief Fund.
  • Adopt the Fox Hill Community Center Shelter with activities including:
    • Partnering with Bahamas Waste to donate a dumpster, hand-wash sink, and five portable toilets.
    • Deliver pots, utensils, and large electric water dispenser for tea and coffee.
    • Providing coloring books for the children.
    • Hosting Ice Cream Treat.
    • Providing two printers to assist in preparing resumes and completing job applications.

Rotary Club of Eleuthera:

  • Assisting with the screening of evacuees arriving and departing Eleuthera.
  • Assisting with providing accommodations for families.
  • Partnering with the Cancer Society of Eleuthera to provide clothing items to evacuees.
  • Partnering with Men of Faith to provide food items to evacuees.
Providing beds, school books and bags, and financial support to evacuees.
Early Act Club at Genesis Academy: Collect, pack, and delivered almost 50 boxes of water, food, and clothing.

Rotary Club of Nassau:

  • Committing to adopting the Kendal G.L. Isaacs Gymnasium Shelter in partnership with The Rotary Club of Old Fort.

Rotary Club of Nassau Sunrise:

  • Assisting with registration of evacuees and donation sorting at Odyssey Aviation.
  • Housing evacuees; IPP Leroy Archer and Rotarian Archdeacon James Palacious hosting in their homes.
  • Delivering meals to persons housed by Rotarians as well as to shelters.
  • Donating $700 to purchase books for a displaced student.
  • Donating six standing fans, plus various clothing and underwear to multiple shelters. 
Rotary Club of New Providence:
  • Delivering various donated supplies to New Providence Community Church (NPCC).
  • Committing to adopting the Calvary Baptist Church Shelter in partnership with The Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset.
Rotary Club of South East Nassau:
  • Donating $10,000 to the Bahamas Disaster Relief Fund. 
Rotary Club of Old Fort:
  • Committing to adopting the Kendal G.L. Isaacs Gymnasium Shelter in partnership with the Rotary Club of Nassau.
  • Assisting The Rotary Club of Weston with getting supplies into New Providence which were directed to evacuees in both New Providence and Grand Bahama.
  • Delivering hand written cards from The Rotary Club of Weston (Florida) to children at the Kendal G.L. Isaacs Gymnasium Shelter.
Rotaract Club of East Nassau:
  • Committing to adopt the Salvation Army Shelter.

Rotaract Club of Nassau Sunset:

  • Committing to adopt the Calvary Baptist Shelter in partnership with The Rotary Club of New Providence.
  • Executing a members only supplies drive that resulted in the collection of over 400 items (baby food, canned foods, personal and feminine hygiene products, water). Supplies will be shipped specifically for the use of Rotaractors (and their families) of The Rotaract Club of Freeport.
  • Donating cleaning supplies to the Children’s Emergency Hostel.

Rotaract Club of South East Nassau Centennial:

  • Assisting with the registration of evacuees arriving at Odyssey Aviation.
  • Donating Care Packages to the Children’s Emergency Hostel where 50 children from Abaco and Dorian are now being housed.
During the last week, your collective work has enabled us to:
  • Raise $509,404 across our multiple funding channels.
  • Receive, pack, and sort (alongside other partners) supplies for distribution to Abaco, Eleuthera, Grand Bahama, Shelters, and private accommodations.
  • Commit to adopting Shelters around New Providence.
  • Secure 150 tents from Disaster Aid International to be erected at two locations alongside the Bahamas Scouts Association. These tents can house up to 750 persons and have been approved by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) to be official Shelter Areas for evacuees.
  • Receive 113 tons of goods in Grand Bahama.
  • Pumped (under the direction of President Solanka of The Rotaract Club of Eight Mile Rock) more than 90,000 gallons of water at the Rotary Water Plant in Grand Bahama which has been distributed to the hospital, clinics, feeding centers, shelters, and the community at large.
  • Meet with officials from the National Emergency Management Agency to discuss ways Rotary can assist in the immediate and long-term building efforts.
Prepared by the Rotary Clubs of The Bahamas Disaster Relief Committee Communications Team.
Ways to Contribute
For Wire Transfer directly to the islands go to Bahamas Rotary Disaster Committee  
Important Note: please be sure to advise in advance, the following details of funds being remitted to the Bahamas:
For crypto currency donations sent weekly directly to the Bahamas, payment may be made online at Delchain Limited
To qualify for Gift Aid, donate to Rotary’s Disaster Recovery Trust for Caribbean Hurricane Dorian
For a 501c3 US Tax Exempt donation use any of the following
PayPal D7020 through Disaster Network Assistance
PayPal D6990 through District 6990 in Florida
GoFundMe for Rotary 7020 Dorian Relief
Rotary District 7680 DAF No. 574  via Rotary International
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Greetings My Rotary District 7020 Family. I trust that you have all had a very successful Membership and Club Extension month, and that all of our clubs found a way to reach out to their members. I also trust that as we embrace the work ahead, we will be doing so with additional members as well as with more engaged members. Of course, efforts to attract new members and to really engage the membership do not end with Membership Month and the DG’s special Membership Award will be announced on 15th July 2020.
I am happy to share that the official DG visits started with our Clubs in St. Croix where we have the second oldest club in our District – The Rotary Club of St. Croix, which celebrated its 61st anniversary on 12th August. Being with those clubs, hearing their plans, exchanging ideas, visiting several well thought out and impactful community projects, inducting eight members, pinning 1 PHF, and sharing in some wonderful fellowships, all combined for an amazing experience that
confirmed that Rotary is definitely making a difference in St. Croix.

PAG Audley and I are looking forward to these very important Club visits, and being inspired by the great work being done, as well as being an inspiration ourselves. Next on our roster are our Clubs in the Cayman Islands followed by those in the Kingstown, Jamaica area.  
Now that we are in Basic Education and Literacy Month, I want to remind you of the sad reality that more than 775 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate. In the words of former UN Secretary General, Kofi Anan, “Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope “. Clearly there are many literacy bridges to be built, and I wish to encourage you my Fellow Rotarians, Rotaractors and Interactors to do your utmost with Education and Literacy programmes to benefit children and adults in
your community and beyond. Let’s now talk about the District Project “The Prevention and Control of Diabetes”  Knowledge is power! Hence, this month, the 
Steering committee plans to step up the activity on the Prevention and control of Diabetes. We plan to create awareness about the dangers of diabetes and chronic diseases and more importantly how we can Prevent and control Diabetes though the My Health, My Life, Stop Diabetes Now Programme. Clubs are being encouraged to build on what they have been doing and to activate more programmes in order to reach more individuals within our families, our clubs, churches, and in our wider communities. I also want to take this opportunity to remind you that our Club of the Month Programme has started beginning with Membership
Month. The team, led by Anthony Clarke has simplified the process. Naturally, we would be delighted to see 100% participation. Clubs are, therefore, encouraged to share how they are connecting and making an impact in their communities and abroad through our COTM programme.
Finally, remember that Rotary connects the world so let’s connect to do good and to serve humanity and secure our future.

Message du gouverneur de district, Delma Maduro, pour Septembre.

Salutations à ma famille Rotary du District 7020.
J'espère que vous avez tous eu un très grand succès du mois de l'adhésion et du prolongement du club, et que tous nos clubs ont trouvé un moyen d'atteindre à leurs membres. J'espère également que, lorsque nous nous engagerons dans les travaux à venir, nous le ferons avec d'autres membres ainsi qu'avec des membres plus engagés. Bien sûr, les efforts pour attirer de nouveaux membres et pour vraiment mobiliser l’adhésion ne se termine pas par le Mois de l’adhésion et le prix spécial d’adhésion du Gouverneur de District sera annoncé le 15 Juillet 2020.
Je suis heureux de partager avec vous les visites officielles du DG 
commencé avec nos Clubs à Sainte-Croix où nous avons le deuxieme club le plus ancien de notre district. Le Rotary club de Sainte-croix, qui a célèbré son 61e anniversaire le 12 août.

Être avec ces clubs, connaître leurs projets, échanger des idées, visiter plusieurs projets communautaires bien pensés et efficaces, faire l'intronisation de huit membres, pincer un Paul Harris Felow et partager quelques fabuleuses bourses, tout cela pour une expérience étonnante qui a confirmé que le Rotary fait définitivement une différence à Sainte-Croix. PAG Audley et moi-même sommes impatients de ces très importantes visites du Club, et d'être inspirés par le grand travail en cours, ainsi que d'être nous-mêmes une inspiration. Ensuite, sur notre liste se trouvent nos Clubs dans les îles Caïmans, suivis par ceux de Kingstown, en Jamaïque.

Maintenant que nous sommes dans le mois de l'éducation de base et de l'alphabétisation, je veux vous rappeler la triste réalité que plus de 775 millions de personnes de plus de 15 ans sont analphabètes. Selon les mots de l'ancien Secrétaire général de l'ONU, Kofi Anan, "l'alphabétisation est un pont entre la misère et l'espoir". Il est évident qu'il y a de nombreux ponts d'alphabétisation à construire et je souhaite vous encourager mes collègues Rotariens, Rotaractiens et Interacteurs à faire de votre mieux avec les programmes d'éducation et d'alphabétisation pour les enfants et les adultes de votre communauté et au-delà.
Parlons maintenant du projet de district "La prévention et le contrôle du diabète" La connaissance est le pouvoir! D'où ce mois-ci, le 
Le comité directeur prévoit intensifier les activités de prévention et de contrôle du diabète. Nous avons l'intention de sensibiliser les gens aux dangers du diabète et des maladies chroniques et, plus important encore, à la façon dont nous pouvons prévenir et contrôler le diabète grâce au programme Ma santé, ma vie, arrêter le diabète maintenant. Les clubs sont encouragés à tirer parti de ce qu'ils ont fait et à mettre en oeuvre davantage de programmes afin d'atteindre plus d'individus au sein de nos familles, de nos clubs, de nos églises et de nos communautés plus larges.

Je voudrais également saisir cette occasion pour vous rappeler que notre programme Club du Mois a commencé avec le mois d'adhésion. L'équipe dirigée par Anthony Clarke a simplifié le processus. Naturellement, nous serions ravis de voir une participation à 100 %. Nous encourageons les clubs donc à partager leur façon de se connecter et d'avoir un impact dans leur communauté et à l'étranger par l'intermédiaire de notre programme de club du mois.
Enfin, n’oubliez pas que le Rotary relie le monde afin de nous connecter pour faire le bien et pour servir l’humanité et assurer notre avenir.